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At Foothill Home Staging we are aware of the perception that it is expensive to stage a home and that the process requires a vacant, empty house and a truck full of rented furniture.  However, there are other, cost effective ways to stage homes. By using items you already have in your home, along with a few updated accessories, Foothill Home Staging can create emotionally engaging spaces that will help potential buyers fall in love with your home. With our occupied home staging packages, you can realize many of the benefits of home staging in a way that is easier on your wallet. 

Initial Consultation and Proposal


We will schedule a meeting to review goals and expectations.  Please allow at least 45 minutes so we can do a brief preliminary tour of your home.  This will give us a chance to consider how a potential buyer will see each room and discuss what improvements you would be comfortable making.  Our goal at Foothill Home Staging is to help you present your home in a manner that will enhance its value and help you achieve your target sales price.  

After our initial consultation, we will provide you with a written proposal and estimate for your review.


Home Staging Packages

Starting at $350


Foothill Home Staging offers a variety of home staging packages from Basic to Premium.  All of our packages include in-depth room-by-room walk through and evaluation of your home as we try to look at each space from the standpoint of potential buyers.  Our goal is to create a sense of space and an environment that will charm buyers.  We will work to:

  • create emotional connection points within your home that offer the buyer a chance to build positive associations and envision themselves living in your home

  • seek to highlight the positive features of your home

  • attempt to minimize the impact of buyer turn-offs

  • rearrange furnishings to generate a sense of space and emphasize positive flow in key areas

  • evaluate and enhance lighting schemes and color combinations

In addition, our consultant will photograph each room we stage together.  Digital copies will be provided in the event you choose to use them to help market and list your home.  For complete package details and pricing, please contact us.

Home Staging for a Vacant Home (custom by proposal)

If you have already moved out and desire to stage an empty house, we are happy to provide this service.


Often some updated and well placed new accessories can make a significant difference in creating the emotional connection points that are so critical to creating positive associations in the mind of someone viewing the house.  Foothill Home Staging maintains an inventory of attractively priced accessories that are tailored to have a timeless appeal, while still being aware of the current trends and styles that are in demand by most home buyers.

Home Shopping Service
$45 per hour

In some cases, the addition of new home furnishings may be recommended to create a home that feels modern and fresh.  These are decidedly more substantial purchases; however, we believe that they can be value-added additions for some homes.  If you decide that you would like some assistance in purchasing new items for your home, Foothill Home Staging can work with you to create a budget and list of items to be purchased on your behalf that will complement and update the look of the furniture you already own.  

You will be responsible for the actual costs of any items purchased on your behalf, as well as the hourly shopping services fee.  Foothill Home stagers are experienced shoppers and are typically able to obtain a trade discount on items purchased on your behalf.  Itemized receipts will be provided to you for any items purchased, and you’ll have some new accessories to take with you to your new home.  


Home Styling Service

Moving in? Or, simply looking for fresh ideas to update your home? Foothill Home Staging offers a home styling service to help with all your decorating needs. Our consultant will come to your home bringing skill, knowledge, and an ability to listen to your needs and personal taste. Our experience in furniture arrangement, lighting schemes, color combinations, organization and storage solutions will enable us to create for you a space that offers both function and beauty. As part of our home styling service, our consultant will work with items you already own and make suggestions for updated home accessories that we believe will complement your existing pieces and give your home a more updated look.

We do holiday decorating too!

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